For Podcasters

Open Source

One Trick Pony is open source under MIT licence.

The source is available at GitHub be aware that I’m not accepting any pull request for the moment, as it’s still work in progress and I’m using it to learn.

Support for bringing it to the store

If you are a Podcaster, but don’t know how to modify the source to fit to your podcast and/or are not able (or willing) to put it in the App Store, feel free to contact me.


The App is targeted to be used on iOS8 or newer. It supports

  • Background refresh
  • Local Push notifications (for new Episodes)
  • MPRemoteCommandCenter (Buttons on the headphones)
  • MPNowPlayingInfoCenter (Lock screen & Control Center Information)

It’s currently available in English. More languages will follow (I can always need support from native speakers to translate to additional languages)


The documentation is far from been complete or finished. The current summary on how to customise the app can be found here (that here is a link).