Documentation (sort of)

The customisation of the app has been built to be as simple as possible). There are only few steps to be done:

  1. Update Feed data & User agent
  2. customise colors and look of the app
  3. Update images of the app
  4. Update App Store details

The Feed data and User agent (used to identify the app users on your web server) and the colors are managed within the plist “PodcastSettings” as shown in the screenshot below. PodcastSettings.plist

Feed data & User agent

feedurl is the url to your rss feed containing the podcast. It is currently set up to use similar information as the feed submitted to iTunes (iTunes:duration, pubDate, lastBuildDate, enclosure, iTunes:image,…). To show the chapter information, podlove simple chapter information can be included in the feed.

userAgent is, as mentioned before, the string used when the App sends a request to the podcast web server.

The other settings with the file containing design changes that can easily be done to the App:

colors and look

bigprogressbar is a boolean value to define the look of the progress bar within the player view. If set to YES, the bar extends over the times shown in the view, if set to NO, the bar is smaller and stays on top of the writing of the numbers.

All colors can be either set as a Dictionary of red, green, blue and alpha or as a 6-Character-HEX value. Unfortunately up to now, if you want to add transparency to some elements (which doesn’t make sense how the user interface is set up), you need to use the Dictionary syntax. The screenshot below shows this detail.

setting colors